Why should I choose Cost Saving Marketing to outsource my marketing needs?

We do exactly what we promise – we save you money on your marketing. We provide affordable outsourced marketing services to businesses without any lengthy contracts or employee overheads.

We work with businesses which want to grow their profits but don’t have a corporate marketing budget. Businesses just like you!


A huge range of marketing services under one roof

A flexible pay-as-you-need model


Save time managing all your marketing activities

No long-term contracts to sign

A dedicated Account Manager on every project

High performance, completely integrated marketing campaigns

No investment in expensive marketing software & hardware

No more recruitment headaches

Deploy a whole marketing department in hours

No employee holiday or sick pay expenses to pay

No six figure salaries to absorb

Grow your business while saving money on your marketing

We are totally flexible:

No lengthy contracts

Traditional marketing agencies almost always come with lengthy monthly contracts. Here at Cost Saving Marketing we can work on ad-hoc basis or hourly basis. We can complete a particular project or look after your marketing needs on weekly or monthly basis. We simply save you money on marketing – it’s in our name!


No expenditure employing a marketing team in-house

Employing marketing professionals to look after your various marketing activities can be costly and a huge obstacle for investing money in other areas of the business which need developing. We provide great marketing services on ‘pay-as-you-need’ basis.


We can be your part-time Marketing Manager

Do you have marketing activities in-house which need coordinating? Need someone to send the monthly e-mail newsletter? Too much work managing a project between the graphic designer and the website developer? Leave it to us – it’s what we do!


We can become your entire ‘marketing department’ for a short term

Your Marketing Manager is on maternity leave? Your existing marketing resources are on a holiday during an important campaign? Let us help!


Need a part-time Marketing Assistant during your most important campaign this year?

Are you a Marketing Manager buried with tasks during an important campaign? We can fit in with your existing marketing staff and provide extra support during the most intense campaigns. We would love to get to know you and help you achieve your objectives.


You have an amazing marketing idea but have no budget to employ a marketing professional to implement it?

Let us manage and develop your project. We might be able to come up with more great ideas to grow your business.


Need to cover a skill gap in your marketing team?

We cover website development and design, marketing, advertising & promotion and graphic design. We have the right set of skills to execute any marketing project. It is not unusual for marketing teams to lack some of the skills in particular projects as marketing campaigns can be so diverse. Fear no more – we have you covered!

So, if any of the points above sound good, let’s have a chat.  We would love to hear your ideas. We can start by getting to know what it is exactly that you need and we can recommend the best way forward. If after our initial chat you realise you don’t need us, that’s ok, it doesn’t cost anything to talk (ok, maybe the cost of a cup of tea and some biscuits).

Contact us today for an initial chat.


Competitive prices, great communication, massive results and professional service every time. We will definitely use again.

Cost Saving Marketing are by far the best marketing agency we have ever worked with. Immediate results and great ROI.

Cost Saving Marketing staff are a pleasure to work with. They have a good knowledge of social media and their response to marketing projects is very fast and efficient.


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