The easiest way to deploy an experienced marketing department to grow your business

An initial chat

We start by chatting about what your business objectives are – both short-term and long-term. Then, we establish what resources you already have at your disposal. At the end of our chat we should have a pretty good idea of where we are, what the action plan is (based on your objectives and past experience) and what the timescale is.

We know business people tend to be rather busy so the initial chat can be over the phone, via email, face to face or via Skype.

Establishing winning goals

Sometimes small business owners are not really sure what their goals are, they just want more business. We can start by imagining what business success means to you and then break it down to manageable objectives. Defining your objectives means we can recognise the right activities to achieve your goals.

It’s a bit like a counselling session  for your business … we put all the cards on the table and talk openly how  we can help your business grow. It is all confidential so you can really tell us anything we need to know to help your business grow.

A focused marketing plan

Once we know what we want to achieve we’ll write a detailed plan on what we’ll be doing for you and who we will liaise with at your organisation (if it’s not you) to get approval from when needed and feedback on performance.

The plan depends on your specific needs. It can be a simple document listing the jobs we need to complete or an annual marketing plan describing all the milestones we need to reach to be able to achieve your goals.

The marketing plan will help us decide what internal resources we can use and what external marketing support you need. We do that based on your budget; we’ll find the best way to make the most out of your budget, no matter how big or small.

Establishing a budget

It’s very important that you are open and honest when considering how much you can afford to spend on marketing and how long you need it to last. We specialise working with businesses of all sizes, we know how to make a little go a long way. Finding ways to achieve maximum results for you with minimum investment is the challenge we are always ready to accept.

Based on the level of activity required and your budget we will develop a marketing plan accordingly to accommodate your budget in the best way. This is the time for you to approve the marketing plan before we can proceed. No nasty cost surprises allowed at this point! Everything is discussed and agreed before we start, even if the project is long term. This will help you feel comfortable moving forward.

Implementing the Marketing Plan

This is the fun part – starting to do the work! Starting to see results is always exciting. We promise to keep clear and constant communication during the implementation. You need some time to catch up internally? We’ll keep the tempo you want – the Marketing Plan will grow with you.

Measuring the results

Here at Cost Saving Marketing we know that measuring results versus the return on your investment is incredibly important. During the planning stage we would have established what criteria we will use to measure the projects against.

Every project, especially the projects which are long term, require different criteria – brand awareness, increase in sales leads, sales conversions, website traffic, number of repeat customers, customer perceptions towards your brand, new customers or even social media presence. The great thing about establishing monitoring criteria is that it can guide us during the marketing project so we know we are doing the right thing every step of the way.

Evaluation and adjustments

Why do we go through the trouble of measuring results if we don’t use the feedback to improve our marketing activities?!? When it comes to analysis and evaluation we stick to the old all-important marketing stigma – if something works well, do more of it; if something is not working well, consider what changes to implement to make it work (if it’s vital for future development) or drop it all together. We believe in an honest relationship with our customers – if any marketing activity doesn’t work well, we will tell you and advise on whether it’s worth evaluating and adjusting or we should stop it all together. When it comes to some marketing activities the ‘trial and error’ method is the only way to see what works. However, if a method is not worth fighting for we move on.

We will adapt your project (with your approval) to optimise the performance of the marketing activities. That’s not just being nice (although we are, honestly!). It benefits us all to ensure we have got the very best out of your marketing budget – then hopefully you will spread the word of how good of a job we have done. We like word of mouth promotion, it got us involved in some great projects!


A huge range of marketing services under one roof

A flexible pay-as-you-need model


Save time managing all your marketing activities

No long-term contracts to sign

A dedicated Account Manager on every project

High performance, completely integrated marketing campaigns

No investment in expensive marketing software & hardware

No more recruitment headaches

Deploy a whole marketing department in hours

No employee holiday or sick pay expenses to pay

No six figure salaries to absorb

Grow your business while saving money on your marketing


Competitive prices, great communication, massive results and professional service every time. We will definitely use again.

Cost Saving Marketing are by far the best marketing agency we have ever worked with. Immediate results and great ROI.

Cost Saving Marketing staff are a pleasure to work with. They have a good knowledge of social media and their response to marketing projects is very fast and efficient.

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